Starter : 9 €


The 6 snails with garlic butter

The 6 oysters of Marennes d'Oléron N ° 3

Tomato salad, mozzarella di bufala, parma ham and pesto sauce

Salmon tartar with herbs and lentils of Puy

Avocado mousse, shrimps and cocktail sauce with Armagnac

Terrine of the chef home made, mesclun of salad and condiments

Crispy goat cheese with Acacia honey, melting vegetables

Starter of the day


Main course: 16 €


Tartar of beef, fried potatoes and green salad (raw or pan-fried)

Chicken ‘’supreme’’ with tarragon and mushrooms,  mashed potatoes homemade

Beef bib shallots and mashed potatoes homemade

Shrimp Wok, Crunchy Vegetables Thai Sauce and fresh Coriander

Black pudding and two apples

Coley, coalfish, Crunchy Vegetables and Pistou Sauce

Mushrooms Risotto with Vegetables and Parmesan Shavings

Fresh Tagliatelle, Crayfish Tails, Salmon, Saffron Sauce and Parmesan

Main of the day



Or Dessert: 9€



The Desserts of I'Ardoise Gourmande 9


The famous ‘’Profiterole’’

Fresh fruit and cherry sorbet

The Carole Cup

Lemon pie and raspberry sorbet, Apple crumble and fresh cream

Chef's Chocolate Mousse

Poached pear with wine and spices, vanilla ice cream

Greedy coffee or tea

Pancake  suzette,

Caramelized apple flambed in Calvados with caramel ice cream

The After Eight Cup (chocolate mint ice, Get 27)

French cheese plate



lightly boiled egg and Artichoke with white butter and salmon Gravlax 16 €

Terrine of foie gras with Muscat jelly (served with Muscat glass) 25 €

Trio of tartar (sea scallops / Salmon / Vegetables) 22 €

Gambas salad with Saté and fresh coriander 20 €

Lobster salad with two citrus fruits, cocktail sauce 22 €

Pan-seared foie gras roasted peaches and rocket salad 23 €

The greedy slate  25 €€



Main courses


Veal kidneys with mustard sauce and mashed potatoes 18 €

The  sole Meunière 32 €

Beef rib steak with Séchouan pepper sauce and fried potatoes 26 €

Sea scallops on a bed of salads, mango and fresh raspberries 28 €

1/2 Lobster flambed with armagnac and  creamy risotto 30 €

Fillet of beef with morel sauce and mashed potatoes 28 €

Rack of lamb with thyme, fondant potatoes and spinach 28 €

Fillet of Bar, braised fennel, creamy ginger sauce 24 €




Net price